A site that documents the story of a Road to Le Mans.  Two races.  One Judge.  A Cat.  Named Gloria.


A group of Northerners met a group of Midlanders at Le Mans in 2015.  Since then we have become mates…   There are scores to settle, and races to win – before the main event….  Will the Caravan win again?  The stakes are high….  Only the cat can judge…..




The Winner overall

The Mighty M5 set a shock victory.  First of all it decided to abandon it’s night of self flagellation in Le Touquet, and join the race…  Still it made life hard for itself setting off 4 hours after it’s Northern contingent.  Due to some fast and steady driving, and the Chunnel, rather than the ferry the results were plain to see.  It won.  Gulp.

Which leaves Race 2 – the vital one between the Shack, and the Spitfire.  Clear tactics had been much though of, and although some of those tactics would be credited to Maradonna, the 1972 Spitfire cam in 5 minutes ahead of the might shack…


Race 1….

Race 2…

The Lone Ranger